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Individual. Authentic. Ethical.

As a dialect coach, Jesi focuses on finding an authentic home in your own voice for the accent. No two accents are alike and she will help you find your groove within. Whether you grew up with it or are visiting for the first time, your dialect should feel familiar and sustainable!

How It Works


Ear Training

Help finding specific sources that fit your voice: If you're 5'1" and female-identifying, Sean Connery might not be your ideal Scottish reference. We'll find you one!

Advice and tools to glean what you need from those sources.

Get Groovy

Part of what makes a believable and comfortable accent is finding its melody - or "groove."
Jesi will work with you to find a natural rhythm and melody so you sound and feel natural.


An Ethical, Respectful Approach

"Dialects are representative of culture. It is my commitment that I will not appropriate the dialect of a people to whom I could not belong. I know that I have the skill set to work with any dialect without needing to unethically demonstrate it myself and in those cases, I am confident we can achieve your success without harm."

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